Dienstag, 20. März 2012

Invisible Girl

For N.

And all I wanted was to be a kind friend of yours
How much I would have appreciated
If we just made it and opened up
And we both showed each other our vulnerable souls
With no need to hide ourselves ever again
Don’t you think, my love, it all was much easier
Without any need for unconquerable walls to overcome?
They didn’t allow us to bloom and left as caught in lonely uncertainty
You may say I am naïve, writing down these words and you are right
Because all I was, all I am, is just a girl with silly dreams
I will never stop building colourful castles in the air
Just to watch them break into peaces again
But, what woman would I be, without dreaming of someone like you?
Only an elusive shadow maybe, fleeing from the delight of bliss
Tell me, dear, what woman would I be
Without missing you with every breath I take?
Lately I know, I had better not asked for too much
Just dreamed of someone like you, to share his love with an invisible girl like me

Hush, my love
You are just different – so am I…

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